Our Team

S.L. HUNTER SPEECHWORKS has a number of clinicians on staff in order to ensure the best fit for the individual needs of each client. Our team atmosphere allows us the opportunity to share resources, therapy ideas, and clinical expertise with one another, providing an added benefit to our clients. You can contact any of our staff members by telephone at 905-637-5522 using the extensions provided below next to each name.

Clinical Team

Shanda Hunter-Trottier
Shanda Hunter-Trottier (222)
Speech-Language Pathologist
Melissa Kiley
Melissa Kiley (242)
Speech-Language Pathologist
SLP Coordinator, Adult Services
Social Media/Marketing Coordinator
Amanda Brown
Amanda Brown (231)
Speech-Language Pathologist
CDA Manager
SLP Coordinator, Pediatric Services
Linda Saarenvirta
Linda Saarenvirta (224)
Speech-Language Pathologist
SLP Coordinator, Voice
Stephanie Schwartz
Stephanie Schwartz (238)
Speech-Language Pathologist
Bobi Tychynski Shimoda (225)
Speech-Language Pathologist
Business Development Coordinator,
Adult Services
Teri Lynam (226)
Speech-Language Pathologist
Amy Grossi
Amy Grossi (229)
Speech-Language Pathologist
Business Development Coordinator,
Pediatric Services
Susan Harper (229)
Speech-Language Pathologist

Communicative Disorders Assistant Team

Lynsey Wilson
Lynsey Wilson (232)
Communicative Disorders Assistant
Sandy Mastoris
Sandy Mastoris
Communicative Disorders Assistant

Administration Team

Sharon McLeod
Sharon McLeod (237)
Lisa Walker
Lisa Robb (236)
Manager, Administration
Debbie Thokle (221)

Team Commitment to Quality Service, Caring, and Innovation

The Speech-Language Pathologists and Communication Disorders Assistants at S.L. HUNTER SPEECHWORKS are committed to providing thorough, quality, evidence-based assessment and treatment. As such, we regularly participate in continuing education opportunities to make sure that our knowledge and skills are up-to-date with current standards of practice. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Post Graduate Course in Cognitive-Communication Disorders – Level 1 & 2
  • Fluency Plus
  • Dysphagia in the Elderly: Current Research & Best Practice
  • Technology/Apps Workshop
  • Acoustic and Aerodynamic Instrumentation Workshop
  • The Eastern Workshop: Cognitive Approaches to Working with People Who Stutter

In addition to continuing education opportunities many of our staff are members of a number of voluntary organizations that promote the profession and advocate for client needs/services. Some of these organizations include:

  • The Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (OSLA)
  • Auto Insurance Interest Group
  • Ontario Brain Injury Association
  • Alliance of Canadian Medical Rehabilitation Professionals
  • Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communication Disorders

Each year our staff members participate in a clinic retreat geared at improving team work and personal skills. The lessons learned in compassion, trust, team work, collaboration, proficiency, assertiveness, and confidence allow us to function as highly efficient and collaborative therapists and team members, making us the ideal people to advocate for and support our clients while navigating the complex and stressful world of rehabilitation. These retreats also provide our staff with an opportunity to talk with one another, sharing ideas and knowledge in order to increase our therapeutic repertoire. Further, we regularly invite creators/publishers of up-and-coming assessment and treatment materials to speak at these retreats in order to keep us up to date with the latest developments in service provision.