Service Fees

Speech-Language Pathology Services

  • $140 per hour for assessment and individual treatment
  • $120 per 45 minute session
  • $115 per hour for small group session
  • $140 per hour for consultation with parents and other professionals/agencies
  • $140 per hour for written reports/correspondence (includes email)
  • $140 per hour of travel to offsite visits or meetings (plus $0.55 mileage where applicable)
  • $50 per hour for preparation of therapy materials
  • $20 for Disability Tax Credit form completion
  • $20 for preparation of a Statement of Account

Voice Assessment

  • $461 full assessment with videostroboscopy
  • $290 without videostroboscopy
  • $192 videostroboscopy only

Communicative Disorders Assistant Services

Please note that CDA services are not appropriate for all clients and candidacy for these services is determined by the assessing/treating speech-language pathologist. CDA rates will be discussed upon determining candidacy.

We reserve the right to change fees at anytime; however, existing clients will be given approximately three months notice of any rate changes.


Cancellations & No Shows

Because of the preparation involved and because other appointments are declined in order to hold you space, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. This allows us to offer cancelled appointment times to other individuals awaiting service. The fee is waived in cases of emergency or inclement weather conditions. Appointments missed without appropriate notice will be billed accordingly. Please note that not all insurers will fund no-shows and, as such, the client may be billed directly for the cost of the session in those instances. Please note that missed sessions for group programs or camps will not be refunded, nor will make up sessions be offered.

Payment Options

Fees for service are payable upon receipt of your invoice at the end of your session. Arrangements can be made for regular clients to receive monthly invoices; however, a Visa number is required for monthly invoicing. Your card number will be kept on file and automatically charged once the last session of the month is completed. Special material fees are negotiated if applicable. Payment may be made by:

Cash                Debit               Cheque                        Visa

Late Payments

Interest is charged at a rate of 2% per month on all outstanding balances. Accounts that are more than 90 days overdue are referred to collections.

Returned Cheques

An administration fee of $25 will be charged for any cheque returned by your bank for any reason, in addition to any interest charges on overdue amounts.

Insurance Coverage

S.L. HUNTER SPEECHWORKS’ billing relationship is with you. If you wish to use health insurance to cover some of our fees, it is your responsibility to determine and monitor your coverage and to seek reimbursement from your insurer. We can provide general information about insurance coverage, but you should consult your insurer for specific details. Typically, coverage for Speech-Language Pathology services is located under the same “medical rehabilitation” section of your extended health benefits as physiotherapy and massage therapy.

Income Tax Deductions

You may be eligible for a Disability Tax Credit. If so, we can help you complete the tax form and sign it for you. It is then up to the Canada Revenue Agency to determine your eligibility. Fees for speech-language pathology services may be claimed as a Medical Expense on your taxes. Click here for a complete list of eligible medical expenses. Please note, we charge a $20 fee to complete Disability Tax Credit forms.