Services to Remote Areas

Living in remote areas makes access to Speech-Language Pathology harder

In remote areas of Ontario where few professionals practice, skills tend to be generalized to accommodate the variety of needs. Many of these professionals are thus, by necessity, pushed to provide a broad spectrum of services to a wide range of age groups.

By contrast, the clinicians at S.L. Hunter SpeechWorks have had many years of experience focussing on their particular area of interest which means they are able to deliver the highest quality of service possible within each area of practice.

With advances in technology, regions previously unable to access our services are now benefiting from a direct channel to our agency via the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), Skype and FaceTime.

These treatment modalities are appropriate for use with many clients who either don’t have access to a Speech-Language Pathologist, or if the local clinician does not possess the necessary skill-set to treat the specific communication challenge.

For those who do not have access to a computer, the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) has made it possible to access our services through more than 1175 telemedicine sites located throughout Ontario: in every public hospital and hundreds of other health care facilities that are supported by the Ontario Telemedicine Network.

Of these 1175 OTN sites, 222 are in the North Western regions of Ontario and 128 are in the far north. We, at S.L. Hunter SpeechWorks, are proud to be the only private practice Speech-Language Pathology clinic in Ontario with access to OTN.

Who can use these services?

Speech-Language Pathology treatment that is delivered via OTN, Skype or FaceTime is an appropriate method of service delivery, and is in the client’s best interest, where the conditions of an effective “face-to-face encounter” cannot be met.

Telepractice should be considered only after attempts to arrange alternative services have been unsuccessful, meaning, if there is not a Speech-Language Pathologist practising in your area, with the relevant skill-set to meet your particular needs, this modality may be an option for you – please call for a consultation.

Who pays for telepractice services?

Like other services at our clinic, telepractice is offered via a fee for service model and is not covered by OHIP.

For more information or to arrange for remote Speech-Language Pathology treatment for yourself or a loved one, please email us at