Slurred Speech

Slurred Speech or mumbled speech, is when an individual uses unclear words which makes it difficult to understand them when they speak. Sometimes the words or sounds in words may only be partially produced and blend together in sentences. This type of speech may be caused by muscle weakness of the mouth or motor neuron damage such as after a Stroke. 

Slurred speech is sometimes referred to as dysarthria.  Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder that happens when the musclees of the lips, tongue, or throat become weak after illness or injury (such as a stroke or brain injury). When the muscles used to produce speech become weak, they cannot move as quickly or as accurately as they used to, resulting in unclear or slurred speech. If the muscles of the larynx or voice box become weak, the individual's voice may sound hoarse. 

A Speech Language Pathologist can help determine the best course of intervention to assist you in improving your speech clarity and overall communication skills.

Related therapies to treat this condition:

Articulation Therapy

Articulation therapy is a form of intervention that focuses on the accurate production of speech sounds to improve speech clarity.

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Communication Intermediary Services

Accessing police, legal, and justice services when you are experiencing a speech or language difficulty can be challenging and could have serious consequences if the individuals...

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PROMPT is a technique used to assist with the planning and sequencing of speech sounds in words. 

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