Language Difficulties

S.L. Hunter Speechworks has therapy services for Language Difficulties:

A young lady distracted with ADHD-SL Hunter Speechworks


ADD/ADHD are learning disabilities which are characterized by difficulty paying attention, and in some cases acting impulsively and displaying...

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A father and daughter show communication enhancement-SL Hunter Speechworks

Communication Enhancement

This service is sought out by individuals who are wanting to polish or enrich communication skills that they already possess.

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A young girl with down syndrome-SL Hunter Speechworks

Down Syndrome

Children with Down Syndrome have structural and functional differences which often lead to speech issues.

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Expressive Language

Some individuals may have problems putting their own thoughts, ideas or feelings into words. This is called “expressive language”. 

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Teacher patient with language delay students-SL Hunter Speechworks

Language Delay

What is affected if your child has a language delay? The answer is ALMOST EVERYTHING.

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Language Processing

You asked your child to do three simple things – “get your coat, your hat and your mitts,” but all they brought you was their mitts.

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A young girl showing learning Disabilities-SL Hunter Speechworks

Learning Disability

A person with a learning disability may have impaired language processing, phonological processing, visual spatial processing, and more.

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Non-verbal individuals cannot speak and therefore must rely on other means of communication.

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A man shows professional communication during a presentation-SL Hunter Speechworks

Professional Communication

Professional communication is very important in any field, but in the profession of speech-language pathology it is extremely important.

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