Communication challenges can keep you from reaching your full social/leisure, personal and work-related potential. 

Rehabilitation Services

Some injuries or diseases can cause difficulties with communication or swallowing (e.g. stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease or an Acquired Brain Injury/Concussion). 

Our skilled team of Speech-Language Pathologists can play a key role in assessing and treating these difficulties, which may include: 

o Auditory comprehension & information processing

o Verbal Expression or conversation skills (e.g. word finding, organizing your thoughts to communicate)

o Speech clarity

o Reading and writing

o Voice

o Resonance

o Social communication

o Fluency (stuttering or cluttering)


o Swallowing

Enhancement Services 

Individuals can take advantage of our communication enhancement services to maximize or polish their communication skills, or to get a professional edge in the job market.  Our Speech-Language Pathologists can work with you to improve your voice quality, speech precision, fluency, communication eloquence and effectiveness,  presentation style or to modify accents. 

After completing an initial assessment, the SLP will develop a specific intervention plan tailored to your unique communication profile and individual communication and personal goals. 

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