Signature Services

For more information on any of these group programs, please contact us at or 905-637-5522. If you do not see a group program here that fits your needs, please feel free to contact us so that we can tailor a social group/pairing for your particular needs/skills.

Young girl learning about accent reduction-SL Hunter Speechworks

Accent Training Services

Accent services involve lessening the intensity of a regional or first-language accent when speaking English. 

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Family enjoying the brain injury/stroke groups-SL Hunter Speechworks

Brain Injury/Stroke Groups

We do our best to match individuals with others who will help to foster improvement of communication in the best way possible.

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Family enjoying a communication intermediary services-SL Hunter Speechworks

Communication Intermediary Services

Accessing police, legal, and justice services when you are experiencing a speech or language difficulty can be challenging and could have serious...

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Facial Retraining

Any facial palsy which results from damage to the peripheral facial nerve can benefit from facial retraining treatment. 

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young women with finger on transgender symbol for transgender voice training

Gender Affirming Communication Training

Gender Affirming Communication Training (also known as Transgender Voice Training) involves working with those clients who are interested in...

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Family enjoying voice and communication group

Gender Affirming Voice & Communication Group

S. L. Hunter SpeechWorks is proud to offer a gender affirming voice and communication group! 

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Individualized Summer Groups

Summer programming uniquely designed to benefit your child and their speech and language goals!  

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Family enjoying IOPI-SL Hunter Speechworks


This tool objectively evaluates and measures tongue and lip strength and endurance in those who have issues with oral function.

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family enjoying the long distance therapy-SL Hunter Speechworks

Long Distance Therapy

In remote areas of Ontario, there are fewer Speech-Language Pathology providers available to meet the needs of the children and adults with...

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