What Is a Communicative Disorders Assistant?

Individuals who are experiencing a communicative disorder require the assistance of a group of professionals who specialize in this area. Amongst this group you will find Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) and Communicative Disorders Assistants (CDA).

The communicative disorders assistant works under the direction of the SLP. They are included in the implementation of treatments and therapies. In addition to this, CDA’s are often required to collaboratively monitor progress with the SLP.

CDA’s work with all age groups. They often work with children with speech and language issues or with clients who have suffered from a stroke, neurological disease or brain injury. The CDA is a valued member of a team that offers treatments to address language and speech disorders as well as learning disabilities.

At S.L. Hunter, we are proud to offer a team of SLP’s and CDA’s that collaboratively work to help our clients reach their full speech, language, communication and swallowing potential.

The offices of S.L. Hunter & Associates are located at 5195 Harvester Rd. Unit 4B. We can be reached by telephone at 905-637-5522 or online at www.slhunter.ca.