Are There Any Home Teaching Tools That Can Help With Speech & Language Disorders?

There are countless home teaching tools and innovative techniques that parents can use to help children in overcoming their speech and language difficulties.

At S.L. Hunter & Associates, our experienced and highly trained clinicians tailor such tools to the unique needs of each individual client. We encourage parents to attend their child’s treatment sessions whenever possible, so that they can learn tips and strategies to work with their child at home. In the event the parent cannot remain in the session, we review what was discussed and practiced at each session’s conclusion, in order that they can reinforce the same concepts and strategies throughout the week.

We also provide homework after each session, so children can practice and incorporate successful speech and language skills into their everyday lives. Doing so enables each child to experience success and grow in confidence with the love and support of the home environment.

But there’s a lot you can do – as a parent – to help your children in with their speech and language development long before they start to talk!

  • talk to babies and young children, keeping your voice expressive and your sentences short and simple;
  • talk about events as they are happening, varying your vocabulary to keep your child interested, engaged and learning;
  • speak face to face with your child, maintaining eye contact;
  • use lots of facial expression and vary your tone of voice; and
  • read and sing with and to your children.

At S.L. Hunter & Associates we care about your child’s progress and delight in their accomplishments. Careful consideration is given to matching the needs of each child with the skills and personality of the Speech-Language Pathologist. We are here to help.

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