There Is Help for Voice Disorders

Most of us have experienced losing our voice for a period of time, perhaps from a bout of laryngitis from overuse of the voice.

Some voice disorders can create physical discomfort such as tightness and discomfort in the throat or neck. Difficulty with talking or language communication can be part of the symptoms. Individuals that are experiencing voice disorders may suffer from a raspy voice or hoarseness.

They might find themselves frequently attempting to clear their throat, or feel a tightness when attempting to speak properly. These are just a few of the many symptoms that may be present in an individual suffering from a voice disorder. Those that are experiencing these symptoms or any change in their voice should have the cause investigated.

There are many causes of voice disorders that affect the vocal cords and to complete an extensive diagnosis demands a thorough assessment and investigation which sometimes includes the use of specialized equipment, such as the videostroboscopy. This is one of the latest pieces of equipment in medical technology that allows the vibration of the vocal cords to be seen in slow motion.

There are many exercises and small steps that can be implemented to help keep the voice in a healthy state. By using some of these types of preventative measures it reduces the chance of potential vocal problems from occurring.

S.L. Hunter combines a skilled team with the latest technology to assess and treat all types of voice disorders. We can help.

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