What Does Accent Modification Training Really Do?


Are you looking to build confidence in your speaking skills?  Have you always wanted to modify your accent?  Accent modification training can build confidence in your communication skills both vocationally and socially. 

What is accent modification?

Accent modification training aims to target any of the following skills based on your needs and/or preferences:

  • Articulation of specific consonants and vowels
  • Intonation, rate, and rhythm of speech (overall prosody)
  • Stress on words and sentences
  • Grammar and sentence structure in written and/or oral language
  • Overall projection and clarity
  • Facial expression and body language
  • Figurative language and cultural expressions

Accent Modification does not mean elimination

Through accent modification training at SpeechWorks, clients can work individually or in groups to target their personal needs.  The effectiveness of the training is supported by daily home practice exercises that are tailored to your specific work or personal goals.  You will not lose your native accent completely, but will learn how to modify your current accent so that you are better understood by other native English speakers. Accent modification facilitates your daily communication and builds communication confidence while still maintaining your own personal communication style. 
If you are looking to enhance your communication and modify your accent, give accent modification training a try.  You will not entirely alter your accent, but will enhance your English for overall improved communication and clarity.

Linda.jpgLinda Saarenvirta is a speech-language pathologist who has been practicing for over 20 years in the healthcare field.  She has worked with a variety of communication disorders and clients of all ages.  She is extremely passionate about voice therapy and enjoys helping clients achieve their vocal needs.  Her client centered approach to therapy ensures all clients maximize their potential and achieve their goals.