Building the Confidence of Those With Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

– Dr. Seuss

It can start very early in life; as soon as a toddler realizes their voice has power, but they’re not being understood, their confidence can begin to disappear.

If an older child has been subject to teasing or taunting because of their speech or language abilities, their self-esteem may be marred and they may withdraw socially or refuse to participate in school.

Lack of confidence in one’s ability to communicate can prove to be isolating at any stage of life. If a person has articulation or language difficulties that prevent them from expressing themselves efficiently, they may refrain from engaging in conversation, except with those with whom they feel comfortable and by whom they can be understood.

Families and friends of those who struggle with speech or language disorders can help their loved ones feel more confident and secure by being patient, allowing plenty of time for the person to express them self and by being sensitive to situations in which the one struggling feels vulnerable. Parents should not permit siblings to tease a child who is experiencing such difficulty and should strive to establish an atmosphere of support and encouragement.

At S.L. Hunter & Associates we are here to help. Our Speech-Language Pathologists work hard to establish an excellent rapport their clients, so that the individual with the communication disorder feels supported and safe. In this relaxed, positive environment, children and adults are encouraged to express their concerns, set achievable goals, practice new skills and celebrate successes.

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