Signs You May Need an Assessment by a Speech-language Pathologist

You might think it would be obvious to anyone with a communication disorder that they would benefit from a professional assessment by a Speech-Language Pathologist. People who struggle with articulation or fluency disorders for example, are often painfully aware of the challenges they experience on a day-to-day basis. Voice disorders, which include difficulty producing appropriate pitch, volume and clarity, are also often self-discovered as a result of the change in his/her speaking voice or discomfort.

But there are challenges a Speech-Language Pathologist can help with that may not be quite so obvious to the affected individual.

People who experience cognitive-communication disorders as the result of an acquired brain injury may suffer impaired thinking or judgment and not recognize their need for help. People with delayed vocabulary development or medical conditions such as autism, Down syndrome or developmental delays may also not be aware of the extent of their communication disorders. Those who experience difficulty swallowing may not realize that they too can be helped.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these difficulties, or has problems with attention, memory, organizing thought, finding words, or forming words into sentences, consider contacting a qualified Speech-Language Pathologist for an assessment. Following an assessment, the clinician can develop a plan to help overcome the communication challenge.

Whatever the difficulty, at S.L. Hunter & Associates, the Speech-Language Pathologists work hard to establish an excellent rapport with each of their clients, so that each one feels supported and safe. Supported by their clinician, clients express concerns, set achievable goals, practice new skills and celebrate successes.

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