Communication Enhancement

Communication Enhancement services at S. L. Hunter SpeechWorks is a branch of treatment that is sought out by individuals who are wanting to polish or enrich communication skills that they already possess. Our clients may pursue intervention to:

· Increase communication confidence 

· Modify an accent

· Improve presentation skills 

· Gain a professional or social edge

· Refine conversational efficiency

· Pursue self-improvement

· Alter style to match gender identification

· Assist with perspective taking in professional or social relationship communications 

The speech-language pathologist evaluates current communication proficiency and compares that to the client’s goals for enhanced skills to determine an approach to support the client in reaching their desired levels of performance. 

Related therapies to treat this condition:

Accent Training Services

Accent services involve lessening the intensity of a regional or first-language accent when speaking English. 

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Voice Lab

S.L. HUNTER SpeechWorks is pleased to offer its clients a fully equipped voice lab, complete with Videostroboscopy and Visi-Pitch Acoustic Analysis in order to evaluate and...

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