On this page of our website, we will be providing you with a more information on the services at our clinic, as well as information on a number of speech therapy related issues. This blog is a way for the SLHS staff to educate our clients on the benefits of speech therapy and keep you up-to-date on exercises, therapies and rehabilitation practices.

What Is Stuttering?

When a person stutters, we sometimes say that their speech is “dysfluent” because the flow of speech is interrupted. These interruptions may include one or more of the following characteristics...

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Things We Should Say More Often

I’m always searching the internet for fun and creative ways to target social skills with the kids I work with. When I came across this video posted on Facebook, I knew right away it would be perfect...

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Voice Therapy- Are You a Candidate?

We rely on our voices to inform, persuade, and connect with other people. When our voices are unhealthy or unable to perform as they typically do, this affects other’s perceptions of us, and our own...

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