Therapy Services

Our Speech-Language Pathologists offer direct assessment and treatment, along with training and support for parents, caregivers and other professionals involved, to improve a variety of difficulties including those affecting speech production, language development, stuttering and voice quality.

family enjoying the long distance therapy-SL Hunter Speechworks

Long Distance Therapy

In remote areas of Ontario, there are fewer Speech-Language Pathology providers available to meet the needs of the children and adults with...

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Young girl learning more than words-SL Hunter Speechworks

More Than Words - The Hanen Program®

This program is for parents of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. You will learn how to help your child communicate successfully with...

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child learning

Online Learning Support During Covid-19

SpeechWorks is offering direct 1:1 support to students for online learning during this Covid-19 crisis.

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adult online therapy

Online Support for Brain Injury

SpeechWorks is currently offering online services with direct 1:1 support for clients with a focus on the maintenance of their...

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Young girl learning about oral placement therapy-SL Hunter Speechworks

Oral Placement Therapy

OPT is a type of oral-motor therapy used to target specific movements needed for speech clarity and feeding. 

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young girl learning about rest posture program-SL Hunter Speechworks

Oral Rest Posture Program

From a speech (articulation) perspective, one’s oral rest posture is the starting place for all speech sounds. 

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young girl learning the Palin Parent Therapy-SL Hunter Speechworks

Palin Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

PCI is a combined indirect and direct treatment approach for young children who stutter (aged seven years and under) and their families.

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young girl how to PROMPT-SL Hunter Speechworks


PROMPT is a technique used to assist with the planning and sequencing of speech sounds in words. 

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young girl learning about resonant voice therapy-SL Hunter Speechworks

Resonant Voice Therapy

Resonant Voice Therapy is  a technique first introduced by Joseph Stemple to improve voice production by increasing oral vibratory sensations.

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