Therapy Services

Our Speech-Language Pathologists offer direct assessment and treatment, along with training and support for parents, caregivers and other professionals involved, to improve a variety of difficulties including those affecting speech production, language development, stuttering and voice quality.

Young girl learning about articulation therapy-SL Hunter Speechworks

Articulation Therapy

Articulation therapy is a form of intervention that focuses on the accurate production of speech sounds to improve speech clarity.

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Young girl learning about cognitive communication-SL Hunter Speechworks

Cognitive Communication Therapy

Therapy for cognitive communication focuses on the underlying cognitive processes that can impact a person’s overall communication.

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Young girl learning about concussion care-SL Hunter Speechworks

Concussion Care

Therapy for concussion is just like therapy for traumatic brain injury. Remember, a concussion is actually a form of mild traumatic brain injury...

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young girl participating in a family communication skills therapy-SL Hunter Speechworks

Family Communication Skills Therapy

Family Communication Skills Therapy is a combined indirect and direct treatment approach for children who stutter and their families.

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young girl participating in a fluency plus program-SL Hunter Speechworks

Fluency Plus Program

The Fluency Plus Program was developed for the child who has confirmed stuttering. 

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Old women practicing group therapy-SL Hunter Speechworks

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a fun and functional way to learn new skills and practice goals in a realistic setting.

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It takes two to talk-SL Hunter Speechworks

It Takes Two to Talk® - The Hanen Program®

This program is designed to teach parents of young children practical strategies on how to improve their child’s language and communication...

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young girl learns about laryngeal massage-SL Hunter Speechworks

Laryngeal Massage

Laryngeal massage assists the muscles of the larynx (voice box) to stretch and relax.

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young girl learning about lidcombe--SL Hunter Speechworks


This is a behavioural treatment for young children who stutter, administered by a parent/caregiver in the child’s everyday environment.

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