To understand and to be understood are essential skills in today’s society. People who have communication difficulties may experience isolation from friends, family, and colleagues and often from education and employment settings as well. Communication disabilities may affect all age groups, from infants to the elderly.

Man helping children read and learn, with S.L. Hunter Speechworks in Burlington Ontario

Reading Difficulties

Many people struggle with reading. Start by determining where in the reading process the trouble is occurring.

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Student learning to eliminate receptive language-SL Hunter Speechworks

Receptive Language

People of all ages may experience challenges understanding what they hear. This is called “receptive language”. 

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A young boy showing selective Mutism-SL Hunter Speechworks

Selective Mutism

Children with selective mutism typically do not speak at school which can have a negative impact on academic and social success.

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Two older women show slurred speech signs-SL Hunter Speechworks

Slurred Speech

This type of speech is when an individual uses unclear words which makes it difficult to understand them when they speak.

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A young girl excluded from group from social difficulties-SL Hunter Speechworks

Social Difficulties/Pragmatic Disorder

Social language skills can be described as the way in which we communicate verbally and non-verbally with the world around us.

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A mother guides her daughter with speech clarity techniques-SL Hunter Speechworks

Speech Clarity

Speech clarity (intelligibility) significantly impacts the ability of an individual to get their message across.

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A man showing stroke signs-SL Hunter Speechworks


The severity of the stroke depends on the amount of damage and the location of the injured area in the brain. 

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Young man stuttering on phone call, treated by S.L. Hunter Speechworks in Burlington Ontario


When a person stutters, we sometimes say that their speech is “dysfluent” because the flow of speech is interrupted.

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Old Women with swallowing disorder-SL Hunter Speechworks

Swallowing Disorders

Being able to swallow our saliva or food is something that we do constantly and is a necessity if we are going to live a healthy life.

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