To understand and to be understood are essential skills in today’s society. People who have communication difficulties may experience isolation from friends, family, and colleagues and often from education and employment settings as well. Communication disabilities may affect all age groups, from infants to the elderly.

Doctor checking for Tongue Thrust-SL Hunter Speechworks

Tongue Thrust

Tongue thrust describes a swallowing and tongue rest pattern in which an individual pushes the tongue against or between the teeth.

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women touching her throat from vocal nodules-SL Hunter Speechworks

Vocal Nodules

When you use your voice the wrong way, your vocal cords close together abruptly and over time swell.

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a man touching his throat from vocal polyps-SL Hunter Speechworks

Vocal Polyps

Polyps can be on one or both of the vocal folds. They may look like a bump, a blister, or a thin, long growth. Most polyps are bigger than nodules.

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man looking at empty speech bubble because he suffers from a voice disorder

Voice Disorder

A functional voice disorder is one that results from improper or inefficient use of the vocal mechanism when the physical structure is normal.

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Man helping children write and learn, with S.L. Hunter Speechworks in Burlington Ontario

Writing Difficulties

Writing difficulties can seriously impact a child’s performance in school and if persists into adulthood, can continue to cause difficulties.

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